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    Washington State Detailed Business Resources

    Thank you to Accountability Services for compiling the following information:

    COVID‐19 Resources as of 03/24/2020 at 1:00 p.m.

    Below is a critical business and employment decisions‐outline in response to COVID‐19.

    We are doing our best to keep current, however information is changing rapidly, so please take this into consideration.

    Overview of Tax Filing

    2019 Federal Tax Return

    Automatic grace period: Filing and Payment not due until July 15

    2020 IRS Estimated Tax Payments

    Automatic extensions for Quarter 1 & 2 – payment not due until July 15

    Payroll Taxes

    No Change

    WA Dept of Revenue Excise Taxes

    Call 1‐360‐705‐6705 or login and send secure email to request an extension

    For monthly returns (Feb 2020 and Mar 2020): 60‐day extensions are available

    For Quarter 1 returns: a 30‐day extension is available

    For a 2019 Annual return: a 30‐day extension is available

    City of Seattle B&O Taxes

    Extension for businesses reporting taxable income of $5 million or less during 2019

    Quarter 1 & 2 2020: extensions available up to 10/31/2020

    Other City B&O Taxes

    At this time, we have no information regarding other cities

    Check local city websites for more information

    Recommended Action

    Review the website and consider applying for an SBA Disaster Loan:


    Helpful Hints:

    1. Put on your “patience” hat – the response time is EXTREMELY slow!

    2. If you are a sole proprietor, the applicant is you, otherwise apply in the name of the business

    3. This takes approximately 3 hours to complete

    4. Your application will keep timing out – click the refresh button and it will eventually continue

    5. Run a Profit & Loss statement and Balance Sheet for the last 12 reconciled months to use to answer the questions

    6. Chat is available on the website in case you need more help

    Employers – Washington State Information

    Workforce Reduction

    • Temporary alternatives to layoffs through ESD o Standby / furlough

    • Furloughed employees (temporary layoffs) can start collecting right away. They no longer have to wait 1 week. o Shared Work Program

    • Allows employers to reduce full time employees’ hours by 10‐50% while workers can collect partial unemployment benefits

    • Employers must apply for this (not the employee) for the reduction in hours. Employees don’t have to look for work as a condition of receiving benefits.

    • Partial Employment / Reduction in Hours (partial wage replacement)

    • Permanent Layoffs / Unemployment



    Sick Leave

    • One hour for every 40 hours worked (since 1/1/2018)

    • PTO can be used for sick time

    Paid Family & Medical Leave

    New benefit effective this year. This is partial wage replacement for employees and family members. There is an approximate 10‐week backlog before employees can collect on this.


    Workers’ Comp Premiums

    There is help for businesses unable to pay workers’ comp premiums. Call to work out a payment plan. https://www.lni.wa.gov/agency/outreach/employer‐assistance‐program

    Stay Informed

    • CDC Guidelines

    • OSHA Guidelines

    • State Governor’s Office

    • Employment Security Department

    • Department of Labor & Industries

    • Department of Health

    • Federal Legislation and Implementation

    • Local County and City Rulemaking



    The information provided in this document is for informational and educational purposes only. It does not fully address the complexity of the matters outlined and may not address application to any particular state or jurisdiction.

    The COVID‐19 outbreak and response efforts are moving very quickly and, in this climate, hours matter. Information and resources are being updated frequently. This outline provides general information based primarily on Washington and the Seattle‐metro area.