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Monte will be teaching two classes:


Good Numbers = Good Decisions 
Sunday,  June 20 - from 9:30 to 10:45 am

When Worlds Collide: The Future Fusion of Preventative Healthcare, Medical Spa, Wellness, and Lifestyle Services.
Sunday, June 20 - from 2:30 to 3:45 pm


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Past Events

Esthetique Spa International Virtual Show

May 1-4, 2021

Managing Profit in Uncertain TimesThe Best Planning Tool for Business Growth Ever . .

ISSE Digital Experience/Professional Beauty Association - Online Event

March 14-15, 2021

Managing Profit in Uncertain Times
The Best Planning Tool for Business Growth Ever . .

Salt Therapy Association Online Conference
Sept 14-15, 2020
Event is available for viewing now - click here

Back to Spa Virtual IECSC Event
July 21-23, 2020
What's Next? Planning Your Business Finances in a COVID-19 World.
The entire event is available as a free webinar. Click here to watch.

2020 Universal Companies Webinar
May 7, 2020
Financial Uncertainty and Opportunity for Spas as a Result of COVID-19
You can still view this webinar free online.

2019 Salon & Spa Exchange, New Orleans

October 6-9, 2019

Monte will be meeting with attendees during the business exchange.

2019 IECSC Las Vegas
June 15-17, 2019

Profit = Business Health: A Holistic Approach by Monte Zwang

2019 IECSC Chicago
March 30-April 1, 2019

Profit = Business Health: A Holistic Approach by Monte Zwang

2018 Team Based Pay Conference
Oct 21-22, 2018

Wellness Capital Management is a proud sponsor of TBP18, because we understand the importance of having the right systems and culture to grow an employee-based salon or spa

2018 IECSC Las Vegas
June 23-25, 2018

Two classes: Vision - Revision; Rebooting Your Concept and Productivity: What, How and Why?

2018 IECSC New York
March 4-6, 2018

Two classes: Spa of the Future - Why Day Spas & Healthcare Need to Align and Steps to Consider when Starting a Medical Spa

2017 IECSC Florida
Sept. 24-25

Three classes: Pricing for Profit - co-presenting with Patti Biro; Profit Plan or Profit Bingo? Don't Pull Your Numbers out of the Air; & Moving Towards Medicine 

2017 IECSC Las Vegas
June 24-26

Three classes: Moving Towards Medicing; No Fear Financials; & Buying, Selling & Leasing: Respectful Negotiating

2017 IECSC Chicago
March 25-27

Two classes: Moving Towards Medicine & Profit Plan or Profit Bingo, by Monte Zwang. Panel Discussion: Medical Spa Profits: How to Add Medical Spa Modalities & Make Them Pay! 

2017 IECSC New York
March 12

Two classes: Pricing for Profit by Monte Zwang and Patti Biro; and No Fear Financials by Monte Zwang

2016 IECSC Florida
October 23-24

Two classes: Bookmaster & Compensation Currents, by Monte Zwang

2016 IECSC New York
March 7, 2016

Negotiating a Fair Deal: Buying and Selling Day Spas, Medical Spas and Wellness Facilities by Monte Zwang