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Upcoming Events

IECSC Florida 2022!

Monte will be teaching two classes:
Where Has my Profit Gone? Managing Your Money in Today's Post-COVID Market
You’ve heard it again and again. These are unprecedented times. The way we manage and plan our business post pandemic is completely different than it was before this mess started. Now, more than ever, we must manage profitability and cash flow. The labor situation and supply chain issues have completely affected our planning. More than ever before, we must manage our productivity, payroll, margin, net profit, and cash flow as we have never done so before. In this workshop, we will be sharing what various spas and medical spas are doing in their businesses today to bring some order to this current chaos we find ourselves in. Join us as we address the money issues affecting us and what we can do to manage your profit and cash in this ever-changing market.
Changes on the Horizon: The Future of Med Spa
Medical spas were virtually "pandemic proof" and even as we stayed home making Zoom calls, clients kept booking appointments. The last two years have created significant shifts and trends in the who, what, where, and why of the medical spa services and business models. This session will explore what is driving these trends, how they are affecting your financials and what you can do to adjust your business model for the new reality to continue your growth and success.

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Past Events

2022 IECSC Florida
Changes on the Horizon: The Future of Med-Spa

Where has my profit gone? Managing your money in today's post-COVID market.

2022 IECSC New York

Changes on the Horizon: The Future of Med-Spa

Where has my profit gone? Managing your money in today's post-COVID market.

2021 IECSC Chicago
Medical Spa Productivity; The Key to Growth and Success

The Best Planning Tool for Business Growth Ever

STAcon Live 2021

Finances? Business Planning? Tough tasks in our Post COVID World.

2021 IECSC Las Vegas
Good Numbers = Good Decisions
When Worlds Collide: The Future Fusion of Preventative Healthcare, Medical Spa, Wellness, and Lifestyle Services

2021 Esthetique Spa International Virtual Show

Managing Profit in Uncertain TimesThe Best Planning Tool for Business Growth Ever . .

2021 ISSE Digital Experience/Professional Beauty Association - Online Event

Managing Profit in Uncertain Times
The Best Planning Tool for Business Growth Ever . .

2020 Salt Therapy Association Online Conference
Event is available for viewing now - click here

2020 Back to Spa Virtual IECSC Event
What's Next? Planning Your Business Finances in a COVID-19 World.
The entire event is available as a free webinar. Click here to watch.

2020 Universal Companies Webinar
Financial Uncertainty and Opportunity for Spas as a Result of COVID-19
You can still
view this webinar free online.

2019 Salon & Spa Exchange, New Orleans

Monte will be meeting with attendees during the business exchange.

2019 IECSC Las Vegas

Profit = Business Health: A Holistic Approach by Monte Zwang

2019 IECSC Chicago

Profit = Business Health: A Holistic Approach by Monte Zwang

2018 Team Based Pay Conference

Wellness Capital Management is a proud sponsor of TBP18, because we understand the importance of having the right systems and culture to grow an employee-based salon or spa

2018 IECSC Las Vegas

Vision - Revision; Rebooting Your Concept

Productivity: What, How and Why?

2018 IECSC New York

Spa of the Future - Why Day Spas & Healthcare Need to Align

Steps to Consider when Starting a Medical Spa

2017 IECSC Florida

Pricing for Profit - co-presenting with Patti Biro

Profit Plan or Profit Bingo? Don't Pull Your Numbers out of the Air

Moving Towards Medicine 

2017 IECSC Las Vegas

Moving Towards Medicine

No Fear Financials

Buying, Selling & Leasing: Respectful Negotiating

2017 IECSC Chicago

Moving Towards Medicine & Profit Plan or Profit Bingo

Panel Discussion: Medical Spa Profits: How to Add Medical Spa Modalities & Make Them Pay! 

2017 IECSC New York

Pricing for Profit by Monte Zwang and Patti Biro

No Fear Financials

2016 IECSC Florida


Compensation Currents

2016 IECSC New York

Negotiating a Fair Deal: Buying and Selling Day Spas, Medical Spas and Wellness Facilities by Monte Zwang