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Our clients happiness and success are what

make us happy and successful

Client who used business planning and coaching, Ellen Clark.

I am so pleased to have retained Wellness Capital Management. I met Monte at one of his presentations at ISPA several years ago and knew we greatly needed his support. While I had a CPA, bookkeeper and business coach, what I knew we were lacking was someone to help integrate our current financial picture with our longer term goals and building a strategy for that growth.


Monte's experience on the practice management side, financial side, and product side (not to mention his patience and ease of explaining business financial reports and making them useful), have helped me really understand where my business is at in "real time" and assure that we are on course to meet our goals. I would highly recommend him to anyone that desires personalized help to "de-mystify" financials and build their company.

Ellen Clark
CEO/Founder, Control Corrective Skincare Systems, Inc.

When you work with Monte and Wellness Capital you are getting much more than a financial advisor and bookkeeping service. In the three years that I have worked with Monte and Wellness Capital I have enjoyed the freedom of letting someone else confidently and accurately do my bookkeeping which allows me to spend more time with clients.


Monte has helped me to see my business from the big picture perspective and has a great intuitive sense that he blends with his financial practicality. He really understands the spa/wellness industry and how to make numbers make sense to creative people. For me as a business woman who has found her passion in the treatment room it was a great gift to myself to hand all the "bookkeeping stuff" over to Monte and his team. The bonus that I continue to receive and didn't expect as a solo entrepreneur is the feeling of having an honest, authentic business partner like Monte to offer guidance as I continue to evolve my business in these changing times.

Susie Raymond
Owner, Esthetician, Life Coach at White Sage Spa

Client Susie Raymond and her day spa, using bookkeeping, accounting services.
Susan Barbaglia is a client using accounting and budget coaching for he wellness business.

I have known Monte for many years. He has been a coach for me and has helped immensely with financial strategies. He is very knowledgeable in the spa and accounting business. Monte has a lot of great contacts in the business who have been wonderful to work with. He's cutting edge, and always engaged with the educational organizations that help keep spa businesses thriving. I look forward to many more years of collaborating with Monte and his team at Wellness Capital Management.

Susan Barbaglia
Owner, SkinDeep Salon and Spa

If you're looking for financial advisory, look no further. Monte has given me a road map to financial freedom while having fun along the way. His monthly bookkeeping and budgeting services allow me to focus on my practice while having the security in knowing my money is managed well. If there is ever a concern or question, he is just a phone call or email away and is always happy and willing to answer questions.


I have had many years of aesthetic experience but only the faintest idea of how to kick start our small business. With his support, we went from 2 employees to 6, opened an additional treatment room, and we’re now in the process of expanding to a new location — all within 3 years. We have been profitable month by month and continue to grow exponentially. He has not only helped grow our practice but has also set us up for future endeavors.  His knowledge and experience in the health and wellness industry has given me the overall picture of where we stand among the average to where we dream of going. I highly recommend Monte and his team for your financial wellness; I could not be doing business without them!!

Lindsay Meyer
Founder, Urban Aesthetics

Lindsay Meyer, clinet of our bookkeeping and budgeting services.
Client using coaching for her medspa, Rhonda Hatfield

I have been in business 4 years and worked with several coaches and consultants.   It was always a struggle to get my arms around all the moving parts of the Medical Spa business.  Especially when it came to finances.  Working with Monte and his team to organize and analyze our companies’ finances has been instrumental to our success.   It has literally been a key factor in becoming profitable! 


They will help you to see what is normal for your industry as it relates to key things such as Net Profit, Overhead, Payroll, COGS and more.   If you are struggling with your finances, don't hesitate to make the move to Wellness Capital today.  I waited a year to think about it and wish I had not waited.  Working with Wellness Capital has really helped me with understanding my budget and what is best practice for this industry. 

Rhonda Hatfield
Founder, Blue Halo Med Spa

Monte and his team have been such a huge help to me and my business! I was always so scared of numbers, until Monte made them easy to understand and empowered me to make better financial decisions for my business. When I was feeling like my dream wasn't possible, he showed me the roadmap to success. I highly recommend Wellness Capital! They not only understand the benchmarks for the spa industry, but they have provided support in a way that I haven't received from any other bookkeeper.

Natasha Noel Prybyla
Founder/Certified Massage Therapist, Sloco Massage + Wellness Spa

Happy bookkeeping and business planning services for her spa.
Allan Share works with broker and coaching programs with Wellness Capital.

I’ve worked with Monte Zwang of Wellness Capital Management on several research projects, covering a myriad of industry projects over the last 10 years. I am fortunate that Monte could give the time to be active in the Day Spa Association and International Medical Spa Association, which have a combined 39 years of industry support.


An important part of our Association mission is to provide good, strong data to our industry. Monte has helped put together industry wide surveys on Retail in the Spa & Wellness category as well as our Compensation Survey to be released shortly. He is really articulate at helping to analyze the data and present the findings. Monte and I are also business partners in Wellness Development Partners where we work with health, wellness and spa practitioners to develop and manage their operations to profitability.

Allan Share
President, Spa Industry Association

It is with sincere appreciation that I share my ‘story’ of working with your company. I truly hope that other spas will have the insight to utilize Wellness Capital Management’s services. I wish I had known about your company years before I did! So many spas fail because they don’t have a good grasp on their financials.


Monte helped me set my financial goals, and provided me with a clear, easy to understand budget to follow so I can meet my goals.
Monte's professionalism, compassion and interest in my success give me the confidence that my business will continue to prosper in the future. Working with Wellness Capital Management has been a pleasure. I can’t thank Monte enough for his help.

Sue Niebaum
President, Essentials Day Spa, Inc.

Business planning client, Sue Niebaum for her day spa.
Angela Bern is a client who uses our coaching for her day spa.

We are, at this time a million dollar a year spa business, and with the help of Monte and Wellness Capital, we have been profitable from month one. Having been in the industry for 20 years, I had never managed people nor had I been responsible for the financial success of an entire business.


Through working with Wellness Capital, my business goals have solidified and my cash flow is understandable and manageable. Monte and those he surrounds himself with, are diligent and effective custodians of cash flow, profit and future projections. I have recommended Monte and Wellness Capital to my peers who have recently opened salons and spas, as well as to those who have been struggling to get a handle on 3-5 year old businesses.

Angela Bern
Owner, Red Urban Day Spa

Thank you so much for your email newsletter this morning - even though, after all these years, I have not used your services as a sole prop, I really appreciate your writing (about the ACA in today's email) because it addresses - and can apply to, if One puts Their mind to it - many different business models and organization structures. Your perspective inspires me, which I believe is inspired by your many clients.


Your desire to come to resolve, conclusion, and harmony (no matter how far off it may be in whatever topic you're addressing) is apparent in your method of communication and always willing to reach out.

Thank you again for your newsletter, and I look forward to your insights as always - and if I get a chance to refer, I do.

David Otto
Co-Founder, Anatriptic Arts

David Otto uses business planning with Wellness Capital

I am writing to thank you for the quality of service provided by Wellness Capital. We sincerely appreciate your efficient, gracious customer service, the level of detail and accountability you and your team have demonstrated on working with us at Olavine Spa, and the way you conduct business as a whole.

We have, and will continue to, recommend your services to other companies and contacts. We look forward to continuing this relationship.

Cecilia Hercik

Owner, Olavine Spa

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