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Monte Zwang


Monte is driven to the wellness industry because of a professional passion to coach health, medical, spa, and fitness entrepreneurs to understand and improve their numbers and profitability through budgeting and management consulting. This allows them to focus on what they do best; providing quality care, helping people live a healthy lifestyle, creating a phenomenal work environment, and growing their business.

Monte is a graduate of the University of Denver and has been named a Five Star Best in Client Satisfaction Wealth Manager.

Monte Zwang has been a business and financial consultant for more than 30 years. He has worked with entrepreneurs in health, wellness, medical, spa, salon, and fitness industries to develop their business plans, manage growth, and improve profitability.
Prior to launching Wellness Capital Management in 2005, he was Managing Partner of Steele Development Corporation. Working as a business turnaround specialist for distressed businesses in all industries. Monte implemented cash flow and profit improvement plans, negotiated vendor and tax debt, and sourced and placed tens of millions of dollars in financing. As a licensed Real Estate Broker, Monte managed a brokerage of six agents specializing in commercial real estate leases, business valuation and business opportunity sales, and mergers and acquisitions.

Mark Machlis

Mark Machlis has spent years in the hospitality, real estate, natural foods, and wellness industries nationwide since the early 1990's. He is a food development and financial consultant in the natural foods industry and has worked with international food manufacturers; developing and distributing plant-based products to the United States. Meat of Wheat and Tofurky plant-based products were developed by him. Mark founded and directed three vegetarian restaurants in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Mark is a commercial Real Estate Broker and provides guidance of transactions in our Business Broker Services. He specializes in strategic development of wellness businesses integrated with Real Estate investments. Mark facilitates retirement and transition strategies for his clients including 1031 Exchanges, TIC (Tenant In Common) investments and the development of multi-unit real estate.


He has been involved with development projects ranging from land development to individual business acquisition for professional medical and wellness offices. Mark is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, with alternative health practices and the integration of a spiritual dimension in everyday life and business. Sailing in the San Juan Islands and skiing in the mountains of Utah are integral to his approach to business and life. Mark is a graduate of The Evergreen State College.

Kristina Wharton

Kristina Wharton joined Wellness Capital Management in early 2016. She was promoted to Bookkeeping Operations Lead in late 2017. Kristina has managed her client’s books in the medical, health, wellness, and spa industries for 20 years. She has helped many small businesses move away from literal shoeboxes of receipts to a managed business accounting program where they can see and understand their profitability.

Kristina holds a Bachelor of Science in accounting from Central Washington University. Working as an Assistant Controller for a multi-million-dollar company increased her knowledge of payroll and taxes in multiple states. However, Kristina’s passion has always been for smaller, privately held businesses.


Wellness Capital Management is not a typical bookkeeping and budgeting service and Kristina is not a typical bookkeeper. She analyzes data and customizes it to fit a company’s specific needs. Kristina supervises our staff of phenomenal bookkeepers, ensuring accuracy and timeliness. She helps our clients see where they are today and plan where they need to be in order to gain success and improve profitability. Working remotely, Kristina welcomes the challenge of creating personal and trusted relationships with clients. She takes time to learn the unique details that impact our clients’ daily business and fosters trust and confidence. Kristina is a great communicator and her explanations of business financials breaks things down in a way that clients understand and appreciate.

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