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Is Adding Medical Spa Services a Good Idea for You?

Change, growth and plan. As more and more spa owners and health practitioners and physicians seek to enter the world of medical spas, many things must be considered.

There are many existing Day Spa operators who want to provide medical spa services like injectables, skin fillers and body sculpting. More than likely, their scope of practice and license will not permit them to do this. In most states, a non-medical licensee cannot employ a medical practitioner.

However, there are legal and compliance options that allow you to offer medical spa services in your facility. Critical issues including guest privacy, collection of fees, delegation, and intake assessment are significantly different when you are providing medical services. Laws vary from state to state and you need to know what you can and cannot offer or market. Day Spa liability insurance does not cover medical malpractice as non-medical licensees are not licensed to perform medical procedures.

If you are a medical professional or a spa operator desiring to add medical services, please consider the following.

1. Business intent. Clearly define your business vision. What will your business be? Are you a renter in a spa promoting medical services or are you in your own facility? What will your facility look and feel like? Why do you want to do this? Is it that you are looking for a way to provide medical services that are cash paid and not insurance paid? Who is your clientele and why will they choose to spend their money with you? What will their experience be as they come to you to receive these services? Differentiate yourself. Which businesses/clinics have you visited and experienced as a guest that you would consider competitive or comparable? Why? What services do you intend to offer, what products will you sell and why? What are your financial expectations relative to product and service revenue, gross profit margin, net profit, and return on investment? How are you going to promote and grow your business?

2. You are entering a market that is both established and emerging. What part are you joining? Laser Hair Removal is established and highly competitive, so is injectables and skin fillers. There are growing segments, but, how are you going to stand out. Why should a guest come to see you? Why are you special and unique?

3. Doctors know clinics. They don’t know hospitality. Some doctors understand fixing the sick, not caring for the patient holistically. Clinics are not spas. The cultures, service attitudes, and service quality are different. So is the relationship with the guest. The guest seeking optional medical services needs to be aware of your qualifications. If you can deliver your skills in a healing, caring, and nurturing manner, you can be successful. Keep your ego in check.

4. There is not an endless supply of guests. Loyalty and guest retention must be earned by results, service quality, and caring. Developing programs that get results and developing relationships will help your success. These programs do not require that you personally provide every service.

5. Lifestyle medicine and preventive healthcare have a place in spas. Medical spas are not only about aesthetics. Nutrition, weight management, pain management, men’s and women’s sexuality and relationships, movement, flexibility, heart health, brain health, and positive self-esteem and confidence are examples of services that care for the guest, establish relationships, and help people become the best and most complete self. Your best and most health inner and outer self. Programs allow physicians, urgent care providers, massage practitioners, estheticians, acupuncturists, physical therapists, fitness clubs, life coaches, cardiologists, dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, mental health providers, and others to work together in a collaborative way for the benefit of the guest through the development and marketing of various programs. Isn’t this what healthcare is supposed to be?

6. Define your programs and find your team. Make certain that your philosophies regarding care, hospitality, time commitment, and financial expectations match.

7. Medical Spas are supposed to be spas that provide medical services. This is not limited to aesthetics. Lifestyle programs provided in a hospitable culture also work. Look at some comps and work to distinguish and differentiate yourself with inspired staff and an amazing facility with a positive spirit that inspires your clientele to live a healthy lifestyle and become the best, healthiest, and most beautiful person they can be. Medical Spas are so much more than injectables and lasers.

Why are you doing this? If you are considering expanding your services into the Medical Spa arena, contact us to set up a free initial business consult. There are many financial, compliance, service, and marketing positions to consider. Let’s clarify your intent and put your distinct Medical Spa on the road to success and reward you professionally and profitably.


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