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We are your financial team

If you are a skilled practitioner, physician, or business owner, why would you think that doing your own bookkeeping is a good idea?

Often, business owners do not know what their financial statements should be telling them.  They expect that their CPA or bookkeeper will guide them regarding industry specific profitability targets.

I feel your pain.

Your books should be set up a certain way so that you can easily determine what is profitable and what isn’t. They should give you a brief understandable overview of profitability. They should make sense to you.

You might be asking...

Am I profitable?

When should I hire another practitioner?  How much can I pay them?

Should I buy that new device?

How many services do I need to do daily in order not to lose money?

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Without financial information that is accurate and timely, how can you make informed decisions?  How can you even build a reasonable budget?

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If you don’t know where you are, how can you define where you want to go?

We help take the mystery out of financial management. 

We help structure your business in the most feasible way.

We define financial goals and create budgets

We focus on defining and improving your profitability.

We organize your books and manage them so that you get timely and accurate financial information that allows you to make decisions that guide your success.

Tangible, clear and accurate financial advice.  That is what we provide.

We will not turn you into a bean counter or bookkeeper. You have better things to do. 

What you need to be doing is focusing on managing and promoting a profitable business, that is properly setup and has a clear direction. Your focus should be on providing a great experience for your guest in a phenomenal work environment for your staff.

If you are doing your books, stop. You don’t need the frustration of brain damage.

We are CFO’s for business structure and strategies, Controllers for profit Improvement and cost control, bookkeepers to keep everything in order and accurate, Financial Coaches to keep you on track.  We are your financial team. That’s what Wellness Capital Management does.

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