Wellness Bookkeeping

Wellness bookkeeping will save you time and money

Accurate bookkeeping is an important part of maintaining business wellness. Whether you are in the spa or wellness business or running a medical practice - if you employ a full-time bookkeeper, we can save you money.

Wellness Capital Management offers a business bookkeeping service that takes the worry out of bookkeeping so you can spend your valuable time growing your medical practice, spa or other wellness business, and enhancing relationships with your clients.

You simply provide your financial data to our expert bookkeepers daily and your business records will be updated throughout the week.

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The process of building this budget clarifies the growth and direction of your medical practice, spa or other wellness business. The process is as important as the budget itself.

Benefits of Wellness Business Bookkeeping

  • Your books are up to date - transactions are posted

  • Sales data is updated

  • Payables are posted and scheduled for payment

  • Payroll is calculated and Payroll Tax Reports are prepared

  • Checkbook and credit card accounts are reconciled and ready for review at month end

  • Meaningful and accurate Profit & Loss statements and Balance Sheets are available for review

  • All you need to do is print, sign and mail the checks

Our Business Wellness Bookkeeping service makes the connection that allows you to use your numbers to manage your business. It is a complete program for financial consulting plus bookkeeping, payroll, monthly and quarterly tax reporting. It is an easy-to-understand system that delivers your numbers to your computer every week, enabling you to make informed decisions so you can grow your business.