S.W.A.T. Team

Spa Wellness Assessment Team


Change isn’t easy. Every business needs to step back, look at itself, figure out where it is and what is and isn’t working. It’s all about the guest and profitability. Will you make money today?

We guide you through a 360 degree evaluation; looking at your business from a fresh perspective. Our team analyzes the most important aspects of your business; operations, financials, and marketing.

Small changes have a big impact


Issues are addressed and a plan is defined. The SWAT Team provides business assessment, diagnosis and prescription for change.

SWAT Team identifies what changes are needed-and coaches you through the change process. We focus on the big things; guest experience, service menus, pricing, compensation, budget, retail and marketing.

Know where you are today and impact your Guest’s experience in a positive way. Develop a clear plan, define the action steps, and move forward to profitability!

Spa Wellness Assessment Team (S.W.A.T.) Process

The Players

Our team includes Christi Cano of Innovative Spa Productions, Monte Zwang of Wellness Capital Management and Patti Biro of Patti Biro and Associates 

The Review

Our experienced team reviews your operation on-site while we perform a financial analysis. Market position and collateral materials are reviewed and analyzed for maximum impact.

The Plan

You receive a clear and practical plan of action to improve your operation and profitability that you can implement now!

The Follow-up

You don't have to do it all yourself! SWAT Team provides ongoing coaching to help you implement the plan that helps you achieve a healthy and growing business!

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