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Q&A Session

Q. How Can I Increase Revenue and Profit of my practice?
A. Think of everything you sell as a “menu item”. All “menu items” will have higher or lower costs; each will have a different volume of sales and some will have an ease of delivery that is less labor intensive or high tech. You want to market and develop those “menu items” that are easy to deliver, low cost to provide and increase the sale volume of these items. By shifting sales to these items or adding these items onto existing services, you can increase sales - and because they are more profitable items to deliver, your profits increase. This is a technique of menu planning and marketing that can have a positive affect on your bottom line.

Personal Tip

The Impact of INTENTION
The most powerful tool we all have equal access to is the INTENT to accomplish something….heal, change, increase sales, etc. Exercise the ability to intend — and the tool becomes yours. For example, the intention to heal an injury, to see the injury as healing, will speed the process and effect greater change. Likewise, for your business, the intention to increase sales can be immediate. Try testing this tip in your everyday life.

Language of Cash Flow

A sale is Money Earned, this is when a product or service is sold, invoiced, delivered, or the work is completed. There can be seasonality to planning sales in every business. There are also categories of sales that contribute differently to the bottom line. Wellness Capital Management tracks these different sales so our Financial Snapshot and Business Roadmap can be used as a tool to examine costs, direct marketing and other expenses so you have a clear knowledge of where your business is today and at any point in the future. If you have this clear snapshot of your business, you now can plan for tomorrow. Snapshot of today, Roadmap into the future. Both start with accurate categories and analysis of sales.