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Wellness Capital Management is pleased to offer an in-depth complimentary 30-minute Wellness Business Consultation.

Q&A Session

Q. What is the relationship between risk and the lenders?

A. Lenders want two things; to lend money and minimize their risk.  Every lender at every level of funding has criteria that are designed to get the lender comfortable with the risk they are taking on. With every lender, the level of risk is directly related to the cost of the loan (interest rate and fees) and borrowing criteria (collateral and source of repayment) required.  Those of us with three years of profitability, positive equity, good credit scores (above 650), solid business ratios and a good business plan can secure funding at prime rates with negotiable fees associated with a loan.  As these factors are compromised, the rates and fees can increase, to the point that you are dealing with hard money, currently 15-25% interest.  WCM creates the Snapshot, Roadmap and Balance Sheet to determine what level of funding you can seek and then package that loan to maximize your capacity to borrow and ease of approval.

Personal Tip

The Impact of INTUITION
Settle into a quiet place, relax, breathe and ask yourself for an answer to a specific question. Slowing the activity of the brain (you already have been churning the facts for days!) try to allow your attention to move from your brain to the forefront of your higher attention. When you get there you will know it, it is not thinking, it is allowing your intuition to speak up and you listen. In conjunction with your thinking and reasoning process, your intuition is a very valuable tool in business. Personal and business health demands the collaborative use of your mental capacity and your intuitive capacity.

Language of Cash Flow

Collections is all about the timing of money received.  Terms are the policies that you or your customers, clients or patients have negotiated.  They are not automatically set, they are agreed to.  Sometimes they are unilaterally agreed to by contract as is the case for medical billings.  Other times they are decided upon by the practitioner by requiring payment at the time of service, prepayment for discounted services or gift certificates.  Whatever the collection facts may be, they impact your cash flow and must be taken into account in your planning.  This is the magic of a well thought out cash flow road map; you will know when and how much money will be in your bank account at any give point in the future.  Knowing this creates peace of mind and business health.


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