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Look at it Differently

The great things about conferences are the people you meet and the inspiration you come away with. Sorry more of you didn't attend ISPA in Austin earlier this month. Those who did left inspired and motivated armed with new tools and perspective. The theme of ISPA this year was Simplify.

I take this to mean adjust, step back, clear the clutter, and look at things differently. We have so much stuff in our lives and businesses that we think we need. Do we really?

Today, I received an e-mail from a client asking me what software to purchase to run her hotel and spa. Per a previous conversation I had with her, she had asked her GM whether there was an operational budget in place. His response was that due to the fact that they don't use an industry standard back of house software, he could not access information necessary to prepare a budget. Why are we in business again? Fun and profit? Are we really flying this blind and waiting for technology to provide an answer?

We're healers and people-people. We are passionate care givers and service professionals who love what we do. Guests chose to spend their money with us because we provide an amazing and unique experience at a fair price that provides great value. They come back to us because we make them feel special and we care about them. They like us, and we take care of them.

It is important to me to get back to the intention of why I do what I do and what is important as well. I grow as my clients learn and succeed. If I am able to remove some of the drudgery of the day-to-day management of a business and give you more time to take care of you clientele, I'm doing the right thing. My goal is to give you the information you need to be informed and confident regarding where you are today and going financially. As my clients succeed, they tell their friends and I grow.

Some of you want to continue to do your own bookkeeping and payroll (I don't know why you would) but want a budget and some coaching to keep you on track. We've just introduced our 6 Point Budget System. We do a budget together. Weekly you send us specific information; we update the budget and send you a snapshot of where you are relative to your 6 numbers. Monthly we talk, change the budget and move forward. We're in the fourth quarter of 2009. Now is the best time to start looking forward and preparing your plans for the upcoming year. 2010! Do you believe it? Please click on the link below for more information.

Simplify means look at what you are trying to do and revisit your intention. Step back and get a global view. Can you do it? Or does that pile of scattered papers and bills keep you glued to your desk? Be mindful of the details but don't get mired in minutiae. Step back, breathe, get some clarity and change the way you're looking at things. You know the answers; you just need to listen to yourself. Pretty simple isn't it?