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Conscious Decisions - Making the upcoming year count

We talk about planning, looking ahead, and creating the vision. For those averse to what sounds like the formality of the evil six letter word “budget” or the even more intimidating “business plan”, please try this.

  1. At the top of a blank piece of paper, write the words “I want…”
  2. In a free-flowing manner, without stopping, editing or judgment, start writing. Make a list of 100 things you want. Some may be things, some may be activities, some may be financial, and some may be relationship or personal issues. 
  3. Don’t stop until you list 100 items.
  4. Read over your list.
  5. On a second piece of paper, turn it sideways and divide it into four columns. Put a title at the top of each column with each role you play in your life. My columns are headed “Monte-Personal”, “Husband-Dad-Family”, “Community”, and “Business”. Yours will be different.
  6. Take the items on your list and put them into the appropriate column. Some may appear in more than one column.
  7. Read over your list. Take a break, go to bed and let this sit overnight.
  8. The following day, look over your list and add things that you may have missed.
  9. Prioritize all items in each column from most important to least important. Give each item a number from 1 on. No 1-a’s or b’s, only whole numbers beginning with 1.
  10. Sleep on it. Walk away for another day.
  11. The following day, assign a “Completed” date for the number 1 item in every column. List the action steps you need to do to complete these items and schedule them in your calendar. Don’t start it in three months, schedule some of it every day, every week, every month. Share them with your relationship partner for items that affect them. Show the items and the calendar for completion to your wife, husband, kids, and business partner. Ask for their help and feedback. Listen.
  12. Keep a copy of this list in your calendar or posted somewhere so you glance at it every day.
  13. Every Sunday morning, review your list of action items completed the previous week. Reschedule uncompleted and new action items.
  14. Three weeks after starting this program, go back to your list of prioritized wants. You may want to change the numbers you previously assigned to each remaining item. Assign a “Completed” date for the number 2 item in every column. List the action steps you need to do to complete these items and schedule them in your calendar. Do the same thing you did in Number 11 above.
  15. Three weeks later, do the same thing with the number 3 item in each column. Continue this way until you work your way through the entire list.
  16. Please call me after you do this and let me know how you’re doing. If you want a sounding board, I’d be happy to accommodate.

2011 is just around the corner. A good friend of mine always used to tell me “Life is too damn short”. Each of us has the ability to have an impact, to make every moment matter. Each season affects me differently. Winter brings quiet contemplation, Spring means new growth, Summer is relaxation and rejuvenation, and Fall represents change. I find that business cycles in a similar fashion. Are you looking forward to the new year? Have you thought about what direction you want to head? We wish you a very happy holiday season and new year. As always, if you want to talk, give us a call. The first call is always free.


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