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Wellness Capital Management Adds New Wellness Real EstateTM Service to its Suite of Financial Consulting Services for Businesses in the Booming Wellness Industry

Wellness Real Estate Enables Entrepreneurs to Properly Prepare for, Evaluate and Pursue Real Estate Transactions to Grow their Business or Practice

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SEATTLE, WA-June 21 2006-Wellness Capital Management, creator of the Business Wellness BudgetTM and Business Wellness WorkshopTM, today announced the addition of Wellness Real Estate service to its suite of strategic financial consulting services for businesses and practices in the wellness industry. Along with Wellness Real Estate, the Wellness Capital Management line of cash flow management and financial services includes: Wellness Budget, Wellness Capital and Wellness Bookkeeping, all designed to work together to enable businesses and practices in the wellness industry to achieve financial stability and prepare for long term growth. With over 30 years of experience in commercial, business opportunity and residential real estate transactions, Wellness Capital Management's Wellness Real Estate service provides a full spectrum of real estate services including:

  • Valuation of business or practice
  • Business opportunity purchase and sale
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Real Estate purchase and sale
  • Real Estate leases
  • Limited Partnerships

"Real estate transactions occur throughout the life of a business and the profitability and success of acquiring, leasing or selling real estate is based on how well prepared an owner is for a transaction," said Monte Zwang, President and co-founder of Wellness Capital Management. "Wellness Capital Management is more than a facilitator in a real estate transaction, because we're in the business of keeping businesses healthy we place a great deal of importance on understanding the components of a business including its day-to-day cash flow, operations, management and overall business goals, this way we are able to determine the most budget-appropriate decisions regarding real estate needs."

Wellness Capital Management provides owners of day and medical spa facilities, physicians, chiropractors, massage therapists, salon owners, natural food retailers and manufacturers, alternative health practitioners, yoga studio owners, resort proprietors and other wellness entrepreneurs the tools needed to make informed decisions about financial strategies essential to maintaining a healthy business.

"Because Wellness Capital Management has a broad network of lenders and commercial real estate brokers and agents in many states, we are able to serve our clients wherever growth takes them," said Wellness Capital Management's co-founder Mark Machlis. "We work with our clients to pursue real estate transactions that will benefit the short term and long term growth and goals of their business or practice."

Wellness Capital Management Real Estate is licensed in Washington, Utah, Colorado, and Arizona.

About Wellness Capital Management

With over 30 years of financial and operational consulting experience in hospitality, natural foods, wellness, real estate and manufacturing, Wellness Capital Management provides comprehensive cash flow and financial strategies to businesses in the wellness industry with its Wellness BudgetTM, Wellness CapitalTM, Wellness BookkeepingTM and Wellness Real EstateTM services. Through one-on-one consulting and Business Wellness WorkshopsTM, wellness entrepreneurs learn how to create and integrate into their business or practice a Business Wellness Budget which enables them to better understand their cash flow so they can have the peace of mind that comes with greater control over operations, management and growth. Your business is keeping people healthy - ours is keeping your business healthy. Visit