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With more than 30 years of experience in the wellness industry, providing budgeting and bookkeeping services, medical practice and spa business management, business consulting and planning advice, and business real estate brokerage services; Wellness Capital Management is dedicated to helping businesses in the wellness industry achieve financial stability and prepare for long term growth.

Business Budgeting Services


Keeping your business healthy requires that you are actively aware of your current financial status including income, sales, expenses, and debt; this knowledge gives you control. To maintain a healthy medical practice or spa business and improve profitability, you need to apply this knowledge to a budget - a business budget is like a roadmap that enables you to chart your course.

The power of your Business Wellness Budget enables you to create a financial plan that puts you in control of your day-to-day cash flow while planning for next month, next year and the life of your medical practice or spa business.


Wellness Capital


Business capital creates opportunity and it's important to know that the process of creating opportunity must be well planned to receive the best rates from the best lenders. Your Business Wellness Budget will enable you to confidently approach lenders who need to know the specific financial information of your business before they will lend you money.


Business Bookkeeping Services


Accurate bookkeeping is an important part of maintaining business wellness - If you employ a full-time bookkeeper, we can save you money.

Wellness Capital Management offers a business bookkeeping service that takes the worry out of bookkeeping so you can spend your valuable time growing your medical practice or spa business, and enhancing relationships with your clients.

Spa Wellness Assessment Team (SWAT)


Our new program, in collaboration with Christi Cano of Innovative Spa Productions offers an objective and honest assessment of your current business operation and financial condition. Our experienced Spa Professionals review your operations on-site while our financial team performs a financial analysis. We provide you with a clear and practical plan of action to improve your operation and profitability.

Business Broker Services


Real estate transactions occur throughout the course of your business life. How prepared you are for these events is an important factor in the profitability and success of your spa business or medical practice.

Wellness Capital Management is more than a facilitator and consultant in your business real estate transactions; because of our expertise in budgeting, bookkeeping, and cash flow planning we are able to help you make budget-appropriate decisions regarding your business opportunity real estate transactions. Our services can also include a feasibility study before acquisition, taking into account the unique aspects of your business financial condition.