Business Broker Services

Take advantage of our Business Broker expertise.

Real estate transactions occur throughout the course of your business life. How prepared you are for these events is an important factor in the profitability and success of your spa business or medical practice.

Wellness Capital Management is more than a facilitator and consultant in your business real estate transactions. Because of our expertise in budgeting, bookkeeping, and cash flow planning, we are able to help you make budget-appropriate decisions regarding your business opportunity and real estate transactions. Our services can also include a feasibility study before acquisition, taking into account the unique aspects of your business financial condition.

Wellness Capital Management is your advocate in the negotiation, planning, valuation, and funding of medical practice, wellness and spa business real estate transactions. We have the ability to manage limited partnerships or to simply serve as a trusted advisor and consultant.

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The process of building this budget clarifies the growth and direction of your medical practice, spa or other wellness business. The process is as important as the budget itself.

Business Brokerage Services

With over 30 years of experience in commercial, business opportunity, and residential real estate transactions, we provide a full spectrum of business brokerage services. Wellness Capital Management is your advocate in negotiations, planning, valuation, and funding.

  • Consulting and valuation of spa business or medical practice for sale

  • Locate Wellness business opportunities and conduct feasibility studies

  • Mergers and acquisitions of medical practices, wellness and spa businesses

  • Real Estate purchase and/or sale for your business or medical practice

  • Medical business and spa real estate leases

  • Limited partnerships

  • Transition planning, exit strategies

Our combination of a local presence and a broad network of relationships enables us to serve our clients wherever growth takes them. Being aware of the opportunities that exist in the markets we serve allows us to seize opportunities, and provide creative yet practical solutions to all your real estate and business brokerage needs

Wellness Village Development

By creating a facility which allows the healers to focus on health care and results, patients experience a unique and supportive healing community. The opportunity exists to provide physicians, integrative health providers and alternative medical practitioners with a medical suite where multiple doctors and wellness practitioners share a common lobby, receptionist, administrative space, conference room, lab and dispensary.  Our Wellness Villages provide physicians, health practitioners and spa owners the ability to provide integrated health care in an environment where they can operate efficiently and profitably. The Wellness Capital Village model works as either a real estate purchase or master lease situation.

If you are the owner of a successful medical practice, wellness clinic or spa, developing a Wellness Village and re-locating your business or practice not only helps you grow, it allows you to operate more profitably.

Wellness Capital Management guides the development of Wellness Villages. 

  • Concept development

  • Business Planning

  • Brand Management

  • Site, Market & Competitive Analysis

  • Design, development and renovation

  • Construction Management

  • Property Management

  • Real Estate Sales, Acquisition, Mergers

  • Lease Negotiation

  • Project funding

  • Village marketing. Tenant search

  • Practice & Business Valuation

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